Mystery of Disappearing Dip Solved - I think

Having spoken to many locals about this mystery, I was advised that there really was a dip but that I wasn't driving fast enough to feel it! Try driving at over 100 kmph up the hill from Teddington and it's really there.
Well the other day driving home from town I was stuck behind one of the lovely tourist caravans that, so often frequent our roads at this time of the year, and managed to be driving at just over 20 kmph. When I drove past the gate going up the hill - IT WAS THERE, the dip really does exist if your driving either abnormally slow or too fast for your own good - Mystery solved

Mysteries from Around Diamond Harbour

The Disappearing Dip

During the later part of last year there were two signs erected on either side of the road from Charteris Bay to Teddington. This sign said "Sudden Dip", but the dip wasn't there and never appeared!

Now what I would like to know is - do we have the mysterious disappearing sudden dip, was it never there and there were a couple of signs left over from the sign writers, or are we to expect this sudden dip to appear over night as mysteriously as the signs appeared.

If you have any answers to this mystery please contact us with your comments. We have had a number of our two-wheeled friends who assure us that it is there, but we're either too slow or on four wheels!