Site Credits was constructed by Steve & Jules at Green Gecko Global LImited, a Computer Consultancy company located in Diamond Harbour, New Zealand. We use the latest and best Web development tools to produce intelligent, usable sites that capture a distinctly local feel.

Thanks to the following people for assistance in providing the iformation this site:

Rowena MacGill at Bergli Hill Farmstay

Technical Stuff

All of the software used in the development of this site is Open Source. It has been written by people who want to share their ideas for free! Sounds good to me. If you're interested in finding out more, then there should be a Software Freedom Day being organised near you real soon now!

To acknowledge those who have made our lives so much easier (and cheaper - after all, nobody pays us for this site! ), here's a list of some of the people who have unknowingly aided us

  • Linus Torvalds - inventor of a free and flexible operating system, Linux
  • Apache - the best web server software in the world
  • PHP - a powerful server side scripting language
  • MySQL - a fast, flexible database environment
  • Etomite - a simple, lightweight content management system that's a joy for PHP programmers to use
  • Enblend - allowing me to take the panorama of images taken from the Gondola and stitch them into a single 9000 pixel wide image that eventually became the top of each page

Apologies to any that I've missed out from the list!