Here's a quick overview of what's happening right now. This is updated every 10 minutes. Today's tide details are extracted from the LINZ Tide Predictions and I have adjusted for Summer Time - there will be some errors on the days that the clocks change so please take this data as in indication only.

I now have a new (old) camera installed, which seems to be affected by damp weather - but then, so am I. If the image quality is really bad or seems out of date, it's probably raining!

Current Weather

This is a record of the last month's weather. The data is taken from my weather station, which is on the roof. It's quite sheltered here, so the wind speed is lower than a lot of the village. Every now and then the base station loses contact with the outdoor sensors. This results in rubbish data being added to the database. This is the cause of the 80°C temperatures sometimes recorded.

Weather Record

I also send this weather data over to the Weather Underground every 15 minutes. Their interface to the data is a bit more powerful than mine. You can also download it to play with as well.

Weather Underground PWS ICANTERB7